United States (20 June)   —   The US will designate the anti-fascist group Antifa a terrorist organisation, President Donald Trump says. So far the Trump administration embroiled in vitriolic dirty diaper throwing from the former National Security Advisor, John Bolton, the James Mattis, to the Attorney General in the Southern district of New York. It is a busy week on the extremists anarchist front.

In a stunning confirmation what many experts were saying for some time, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter (BLM) stated in an online interview that she and Melissa Abdul, a tenured professor, are “trained Marxists” and ideological frame(works) and the two are “super versed on ideological theory”.

In the meantime, BLM expansionist demonstrations surfaced in the Netherlands claiming no justice, no peace for the Papuan insurrectionist groups, and the United Kingdom which after the peaceful protest experienced a knife jihad attack with so far three (3) people killed.

Seattle is effectively a mini version of Hong Kong. Affinity Group Black Block/Antifa thugs are running amok. Police officers are increasingly going on strike, or suffering the “blue flu” over the Mayors primarily Democrats throwing the police under the bus.

The New York Police Departments capability to operate undercover was eliminated. A grave political error. Some foreign travel agencies are considering declaring travel to New York as longer safe. Time will tell. In particularly of the new revelations of BLM is a Marxist movement the group is classified as an Marxist extremist movement.

The president accused Antifa of starting riots at street protests over George Floyd’s death. The leftist sympathetic media was quick to deny it, and the ever leftist leaning New York Post was heralding the F.B.I has no evidence that Antifa even exists. So much for credibility. Memes with “nothing to see here” rapidly surfaced with the public responding to what increasingly sounds a revolutionary, domestic terror organization gripling the United States.

Mr Floyd, a black man, died in police custody, reigniting anger at police treatment of African-Americans. Or are this the true reasons. However the fact the unfortunately Floyd was intoxicated with a cocktail of drugs was quickly suppressed by the Black Live Matters movement.

Protests over his death have turned violent, prompting major cities to impose curfews. Attacks against white citizens are surfacing daily. The brutality exceeds reason. The leftist gaslighting is identified and condemned by many are ignored by the U.S. Democratic party.

The National Guard – the US reserve military force for domestic emergencies – had been deployed in 15 states to help police forces deal with the unrest which some reports suggest have reached over 500 cities in all 50 states.

In Minneapolis, where Mr Floyd died on Monday after a white police officer put his knee on his neck for more than eight minutes, there have been five nights of arson and looting. A critical report in fact suggests the police officer followed police protocol. An uncomfortable fact that was quickly overlooked by the hysteria that followed. US officials have given contrasting explanations for who is responsible for the riots, with some suggesting outside groups and individuals were involved.

On Saturday, Minnesota’s Democratic Governor Tim Walz suggested that foreign influences, white supremacists and drug cartels were behind the violence, giving few other details. This is an typical oversimplification of long history of the Antifa underground, which in fact has little credence within the extremist anarchist scene.

On Twitter Mr Trump blamed “Antifa-led anarchists” and “Radical Left Anarchists” for the unrest, again without providing more specifics. The president is right however officials in odds with a leaderless movement, so they claim. It is not. Antifa/Black Block and the BLM are highly organized through a network of global activists, fronts and agendas.

The Black Block, a German media term coined in 1985/86 are the descendants of the Marxist Automes, Germany’s most extreme leftist terror group. From the split of the Marxist in the 1980 the Red Army Faction (RAF), of Baader-Meinhof gang infamy, the Automones dropped the Marxist name and entered the mainstream anarchist path.

‘The Automones were seen as a the militant action wing of the Green party’, a politician at the time said. After a killing of 2 police officers during a demonstration the Greens demanded the authorities to shut them down and since then the Greens and extremists are at odds, or so it seem.

An expert on extremist groups recently interviewed said, “Marxist for years agitated to call for revolution. We seen Antifa in Syria fighting on the side of the Kurds calling for Britain and US to ‘burn’”. The common theme within the counter terrorism experts is the claim the rise of the neo-Nazi groups triggered the Antifa. He said, “This is an over-simplification. In 2019 a German study actually pointed out the increasing radicalization and inter-group fights between the triangle of hate of salafist-leftist-and right wing extremists.”

The president did not specify how or when he intends to designate Antifa as a terrorist organisation. There are ways the Trump administration can designate individuals or groups as foreign terrorists, including legislation and an executive order. Expert question if the Black Block/Antifa underground is another example of the F.B.I. missed the warning signs. 

But legal experts have questioned whether Mr Trump has the authority to label Antifa a “domestic terrorist organisation”. Mary McCord, a former senior Justice Department official, said “no current legal authority exists for designating domestic organisations as terrorist organisations”.

“Any attempt at such a designation would raise significant First Amendment concerns,” Ms McCord added, referring to the constitutional right to freedom of speech, religion and assembly. ‘Whereas the the right of freedom of speech is not disputed, the use of violence and extremist ideology must’, said a 30-year old veteran from the New York Police Department.

In 2019, Republican senators introduced a non-binding resolution designed to declare Antifa organisations as “domestic terrorists”. US Attorney General William Barr has echoed the president, accusing Antifa and other “agitators” of hijacking the protests sweeping across the US.

“The violence instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly,” Mr Barr said on Sunday.