Washington/United States (22/6).   Insurrection in the streets of 500 cities, self-declared trained Marxists of the Black Lives Matter, attack against police in Germany in “unexplained drunken stupor” and “drug rage” in Stuttgart, warnings by the BfV of not ruling out the targeting assassinations of political opponents, returning Kurdish Antifa fighters, rebellion in Hong Kong, Lebanon targeting banks, Chile and the United Kingdom and a new Lenin statue in a German city. In the meanwhile, the London stabbing is now declared as terrorist attack. Three innocent civilians were killed in a brutal knife jihad attack. Democracy seems is under serious attack.

At the same time, the tension of the South China Sea, Taiwan and now Indian border regions are simmering conflicts. In India, about twenty soldiers on night patrol were jumped by Chinese troops armed with barbed wire bats and rails with nails clubbing the Indian patrol to death and throwing them off steep mountains. Reports suggests the fighting was at around 14,000 feet. Chinese expansionism causes serious loss of life.

According to Sputnik news the skirmish, which killed 20 soldiers and injured more than 100, unfolded within eight hours late on Monday. Not a shot was fired, but hand-to-hand fighting raged across the Galwan Valley. Indian soldiers were clubbed to death, one died freezing to death in the mountains. Many of the unarmed men jumped into the Galwan River in an attempt to escape. The Indian Army said 17 troops who were critically injured. Casualties on the side of Chinese troops are unknown at this time.

In typical fashion, China blames India, a charge vehemently rejected by the Indian and the world community.

Retired Indian Army Colonel Vinayak Bhat wrote that, after realising that large force deployments were not feasible along the waterway, Chinese engineers made a plan to canalise the Galwan river deeper using dozers

The incident shocked Indian and ASEAN leaders over the growing concerns over China. The Chinese central bank, the Australian government are experiencing cyber-attacks against the central banking and currency system.

A variety of targets were zeroed in on, including government websites and the banking system including ATMs.Most of the attacks were traced back to the central Chinese city of Chengdu. The capital of Sichuan province, Chengdu is known for being the headquarters of the People’s Liberation Army’s Unit 61398, the Chinese military’s primary covert cyberwarfare section. The attacks began on Tuesday and continued through Wednesday, said people aware of the developments, but they largely proved unsuccessful. While cyberattacks against India normally come from Pakistan or from known hacker-for-hire centres in Central Europe or the United States, the past two days has seen a surge in attacks coming directly from China.

In North Asia, North Korea made a statement with a bang, blowing up a joint building with South Korea, the Russians are continue having tensions with the Europeans and domestically the United States faces off an insurgency by Marxist extremist radicals which so some reports suggests are backed by powerful forces within the Democratic Party trying to force a political change in the November elections, since everything else has failed.

Statue toppling, Marxists & extremism

Critical voices are growingly concerned about extremist leftist splinters  emerging in Germany and elsewhere. After a successful test run in Hong Kong, the Marxists extremist leaders attempt to change with force political outcomes.

“Unfortunately, with the rioting that is occurring in many of our cities around the country, the voices of peaceful protests are being hijacked by violent radical elements,” Barr said. “In many places it appears the violence is planned, organized, and driven by far left extremist groups and anarchic groups using Antifa-like tactics.”

In Hong Kong the district elections were a success. Many voted for a pro-democracy platform which were the fire starters in the first place. Except for a few casualties, like a 70-men killed by extremist Black Bloc rioters. Unless you are a victim of course the political discourse pales to comprehend violence justifies extremism.

The revolutions are as old as Lenin’s beard. In 2015 the leaders from Black Lives Matter declared “we are trained Marxists”. The historical record of Stalin’s version of Marxism put millions to death by starvation, deportation and executions is missed by Melinda Abdullah, a tenured professor in Southern California. A shooting in the autonomic zone of Seattle, left two people killed with one individual bleeding to death because rioters denied ambulances access to the victim is missed by the media. It’s more fun to go Trump bashing.

In Germany, the first direct attack against unsuspected police officers keeps officials baffled. It took them four and a half hours to quell the violence, which the Social Democrat regional MP, Sascha Binder, described as “civil war-like scenes”.  Prank calls, sudden eruptions are opportunities for the Black Bloc to lay waste to the “bastions of capitalism”, as one whatsapp message read.

Police have ruled out any political motives for the rampage, describing the perpetrators as people from the “party scene or events scene”. Not so the anarchist scene and circulated in variety of social media platforms messages about the riot.  The police attack was the first test of a brewing Marxist movement springing up in Stuttgart or other parts of Germany. Prank calls to the police and laughing publicly are well versed Black Bloc tactics.

The German domestic intelligence service, the BfV, warned of extremist splinters having crossed the Rubicon and willing to commence assassination of political opponents. Expert warned for years of the growing number of leftist global groups are plotting for a Marxist revivalism. Already since 2017 warned the domestic intelligence service of the growing number of extremist and violent prone splinter factions and the willingness to engage police.

‘The collective intelligence, counter terror and law enforcement community, including political policy leaders were ignorant of the growing threat of the left. Enthralled by the liberal narrative the extremist left was just ignored, and somewhat helped the political situation.’, an expert on left wing extremists said. Wanting to remain anonymous he recalled, ‘if anyone raised the subject of leftist extremists, eco-radical beachheads, or vanguardism, the are quickly attacked as tagged as climate change denier or right wing.’

In January 2020, Saxony, where Leipzig is located, has proved an epicenter for both kinds of extremism, where rival subcultures have developed in many areas. In November, the state government formed a new “Soko LinX,” a police special unit focused on left-wing violence, after a series of arson attacks on construction sites and companies in Leipzig. One employee was also physically assaulted.

In a press release, the police announced that “in addition to pyrotechnic articles, cut and blow weapons, small amounts of narcotics, impact protection clothing and various communication technology were also ensured”. The accused were treated for identification purposes.

He added, ‘the economic damage to Hong Kong, the United States and the UK cannot be denied any longer. As the death toll will increase, the nonchalant, apologist attitudes must give way to recognizing the extremist left were the forefathers of modern terrorism.’

He pointed out that the Black Live Matter co founder is a trained Marxist. Her father was a Trotskyist and her grandfather were a member of the German Communist party before Hitler took power, giving shelter to Chinese communist members. ‘After 1991 we went into the illusion that the communist went away. So, no such luck. Ignore history we will relive it’, he sarcastically added.

A point which was made by the April 2001 assessment by the Department of Energy on the state of leftist extremism which wrote,

From an international perspective, of the 13,858 people who died between 1988 and 1998 in attacks committed by the 10 most active terrorist groups in the world, 74 percent were killed by leftist organizations. Although the current domestic terrorist threat within the United States is focused on
right-wing extremists and white supremacists, left-wing extremists are alive and well and
have several objectives. Some of these groups want to replace the government with a
Marxist-Leninist system. 

In the aftermath of 9/11 the left was forgotten, ignored and promptly resulted in the past 19-years to rebuild the Marxist global movement. Wrapped in populism, the old hate narratives were deepened, NGOs and media provided the concealment and legitimacy to appear “peaceful”. Marxism is not.

Author’s collection Moscow 1991

He warned the unrest in Stuttgart are just the beginning of an extremist summer. The toppling of symbols of statutes are considerably troubling. Copycat actions in the United States, the United Kingdom and the resurfacing of Lenin in Germany illustrates the extremist left is on the rise. ‘Remember Taliban and Islamic State’, were warnings not to be ignored.

Strategy of War?

Viewed through the context of war strategy, these activities are pre-war or proxy war strategies. Domestic attacks against the police forces are undermining domestic stability. At the same time the cyber attack against the Indian central bank system could be interpreted as an attack against the financial bloodline of a country.

The border dispute is now quickly leading to the part mobilization and reallocating of military resources on both sides. China and India had signed a peace deal in 2013 with both sides accepting the drawn lines. The vicious attack and killing of Indian soldiers, and act considerable heinous carried out by Chinese troops begs the questions why are the Chinese spoiling for a border war with India?

Reports emerged that both India and China have each 200,000 men at the contested area. If China wanted to trigger a response, the Indians sure responded in kind. The cultural war between Chinese and the rest of the world plays out as well. Chinese increasingly display a character of superiority disregarding the Asian cultures. Eventually leading to avoidable conflicts. Very little focus is given to the cultural aspects in current policy influencing the Chinese.

“I have my battalions lined up with armoured personnel carriers and artillery. India will not instigate or precipitate any skirmish but will reply to any transgression. The days of LAC nibbling are over. This is a battle of nerves and India is prepared to wait, come snow come sunshine,” said a senior minister.

The debate over the Line of Actual Control was settled so what are the geopolitical reasons for destabilizing a relative peace. Analysts compare the situation with the Westerplatte incident for the Nazi regime invading Poland in 1939. Are the Chinese deliberately attacking Indian border patrols? If so, we are creeping towards a war scenario quickly. Or as so often was some moronic communist party stooge responsible for the incident? The Chinese government has plenty of explaining to do.

Source: internet (weapons used to attack Indian troops)

Experts warned of Chinese strategic miscalculations. The China National Defence Daily by 2013 spoke of India’s “surge of forces” along the border. A 2017 Nanfang Daily survey of Chinese strategic thinkers said some were worrying that “the defensive strategy of the Indian Army has shifted . . . toward the offensive.”

Two Chinese experts on territorial issues warned in 2014 that “keeping our military’s advantage in the Sino-Indian border area is not only a national defense requirement, but also to prevent China from being disadvantaged in border negotiations.”

Over the past dozen years India has not only closed the gap with China in this military theatre, it may now have a slender superiority. Indian officials largely concur with this view though prefer to stress India does not enjoy a position of complete dominance. Chinese military assessments began recognizing this problem from the mid-2000s and this may have contributed its border belligerence.

The South China Sea is not Chinese territory. That is historical and legal fact. Any claims by China is the cause for friction in the region. The nine-dash line is illegal. Instead of forcing an American retreat current strategic papers produced by U.S. think tanks are recognizing the strategic importance. Thanks to China’s’ aggressive expansionist policy, the U.S. keeps a three (3) carrier strike group formation in international waters off the coast of China, followed by U.K., French, Indian and German naval assets.

Clearly the current Chinese strategy is backfiring. Communist party apparatchiks strategic miscalculation is evident. In Hong Kong, the local chapter of communist party lack of intellectual depth misjudged the resistance against communism. So did the police. The question to pose will the Chinese bring Asia to the brink of near war with India? One can hope only not.

In May 2020, the People’s Liberation Army announced to expand the proposed ADIZ encompasses the Pratas, Paracel and Spratly island chains in the disputed waterway, according to a source from the People’s Liberation Army, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The posturing by the Chinese in the South China Sea is another flashpoint. Instead of having less U.S. involvement we now have more. Even the Philippines has reversed its decision to end an important military agreement with the United States as territorial tensions with China heat up in the South China Sea.

‘Guess some in Beijing strategic intelligence are not so intelligent after all. So if war what it takes to re-adjust attitudes, well let’s get it on, not that we want war, but hey one more war or not, why not.’, said a prominent former U.S. intelligence officials wanting to remain unnamed.

Indonesia in an usual flexing of its national muscles made a clear point of turning down Chinese attempts to negotiate its way into Indonesian territory. Indonesia then issued another note dated June 12, which rebuffed the offer of talks with the Chinese. There is no legal reasoning under international law to conduct negotiations on maritime boundaries delimitation with China, said the Indonesian note.

The North Korean posturing is somewhat understandable. A diplomatic solution needs to happen with the United States. The rest like South Korea, should be the second step. Trump, the ender of wars, should disregard some of the advice and make a deal with the North Korean. Interestingly the EU and Russia joined in condemning the action in North Korea.

The EU said it “strongly regrets” the actions of North Korea and warned its leadership against taking further “provocative and damaging steps.” The North’s recent actions “raise tensions, destabilize the situation and undermine efforts towards a diplomatic solution on the Korean Peninsula,” the bloc added.

Russia, meanwhile, responded by calling for calm amid the escalation in tensions. “This is a concern, we urge all parties to show restraint,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, adding that Russia would be keeping a close eye on developments.

The regime is only interested in regime survival. And they love their Gucci’s as much as their counterparts in North America or Europe. Change will come, only question is at what costs.

Pax Americana may need a bit of Belli Americana to reestablish state-rule order.

Pax Americana or Belli Americana?

The Russians are oddly silent. Or are they. The territorial actions in the Ukraine has established an uneasy truce. But Europeans are increasingly realizing the threat to the Union is real. Many of the 1960’s generation know of the active threat the Russians posed and know of the realities of failed communism and the illusion of Marxism.

Any romanticized notion about Marxism just need a refresher in Russian atrocities in the former Soviet republics or former parts of Germany is in no illusion over living under the Russian yolk. But the Russian Federation is now engaged in a proxy war which drain resources, political good will, and loss of life. Putin’s image is serious damaged. But if you are in power it does not matter.

The cyber-attacks against the west are test runs, some even call it the preparation for war. Politicians are increasingly faced with conflict, proxy war and insurgencies domestically by extremist leftist groups that trigger equal violent responses by right wing. But are the Russian Federation, China, and Iran waging war? Some experts think they do.

You do not need to be a hawk, like the scorned John Bolton, to see we are drifting towards autocracy. American liberal leftist has overdrawn the string with gay and lesbian rights, equal everything, one world religious belief that we have on 12 years left to save the planet, the elephants, tigers, and Lilliput. Deeply conservative cultures like the Russian, traditionalist preservative communist China and religious Iran are quickly outrun by the advances of the rest of the world.

From the perspective of the Chinese their leaps in social living, income, new consumerism is after all a western concept. This clashes with the neo-leftist ecologist who are closet Marxism and try to trigger an eco-revolution to go back in time. Policy officials in Russia and China view the “crazy” western narratives only as a confirmation of Marx and Mao were right, and western capitalism is wrong. Unfortunately for the Chinese it’s not that simple.

This stand in contrast to deep rifts within the political elites in Western Europe and North America who are on the cusp of a reversal of Trump’s revolutionary experiment. Americans just love their ghetto culture. Many who lived in the U.S. post 1991 wonder how broken the United States are actually.

Potholes in streets, boarded up blocks of houses and abandoned buildings, dirty schools and crime infested neighborhoods. This is in sharp contrast to Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and other Chinese metropoles.

‘What you expect’, said a American Yale university professor interviewed for this article, ‘it is easier for the Blacks to riot than study to advance their culture, it is easier for the whites to join because they hate Trump. The result is violence, division in society, and a weakened roman empire.’ A view shared by many in Beijing and Moscow.

Reporting with Joergen Schroedinger (Toronto), Max Weiler (at location the Galwan river), Thomas Schmid (Munich)  and Vera Atkins (Jakarta), Chin Moi-Jueng (Hong Kong)